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Mankind is a game where the fittest survive. The one who Endure the survival, Conquer!

Vinoth Kumar
From where it all started:
Vinoth Kumar, a Mechanical Engineering graduate from IIT-Madras, has been teaching and mentoring students for GATE Examination as a freelancer in various institutes of India for the past 7 years.

The passion towards teaching and experience of students with scattered/ misguiding course content spread across the internet seeded a thought of creating quality based Institution.

The ultimate aim of Endurance Engineering Academy is to provide quality content for students across India at a Affordable Fee.

I believe an education at affordable cost is the first step towards, equal opportunity for all. So, here I've taken my first step.

Vinoth Kumar
It has been a fantastic journey:

Currently, Endurance Engineering Academy (EEA) is providing online courses for

As a freelancer, Mr Vinoth Kumar has trained almost 3000+ students. Almost 1000+ Students have enrolled in courses till now.

The overwhelming response and dedication exhibited by each one of our students is the energy boost.

Travel with us to the future:

We promise to improve your score by at least 50%  with access to our Prime content from anywhere in India.

We have now launched yearly courses curated with a lot of value-add to the learning process as well like,

If you are with us, jump to the courses tab and explore more.

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