TNEB-AE Test Series

Access the complete test series for both TNEB-AE with questions which is in-line with the respective Exams


One Test Series which serves all your need for practicing exactly TNEB-AE level Questions. Test Series includes 8 -Full Length Mock Test.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can I access the test series anytime or only at the date of activation?

  •  Yes, it can be accessed anytime. Date of activation is date when the test will be released and you can access anytime after that

2) Will it be useful for GATE Exam?

  • No, it won’t be useful for GATE.  Questions in Gate will be of higher level, so we recommend you to take our GATE-2023(ME) Test Series for that.

3) Will I able to access the Test series from mobile?

  • Yes, we have our both Android and IOS App where you can access our Test.But we will recommend you to use laptop/desktop along with mouse to have the same feel of final Gate Exam.