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Preparation Strategy and Tips to Crack GATE 2024 Exam

The GATE exam 2024 is worth 100 points, however you only need 25 to be a GATE qualified engineer. How do you get to the lucky number of 25? Read our article on how to ace the GATE Exam 2024.

GATE 2024 Examination is not a difficult ; rather, it is unique. GATE is a clever approach of assessing a student’s overall understanding of numerous undergraduate engineering and science topics. It is a computer-based test with multiple choice (MCQ) and numerical answer type (NAT) questions.

You should be aware about the syllabus and know what are the subjects are and topics you need to prepare. Know the weightage of each subject based on previous years,question papers and plan your preparation strategy accordingly.

These subjects will mostly be from your second year and third year of engineering. Thus, we can say that the you are well aware of your strengths and weaknesses, which will give you enough information to start allotting time for each subject.

It is recommended to start with easy and important subjects, subjects like engineering mathematics, general aptitude, and a basic technical subject. Also subjects which have had high weightage in previous years are extremely important.


To allow yourself enough time to take several mock examinations/ gate xe test series , try to finish your whole syllabus at least two months before your GATE exam. Because GATE is a timed examination, having solid technical knowledge isn’t enough.

You will have 3 hours to complete 65 questions, some of which will have negative markings. Furthermore, you must be extremely precise and accurate, and time management is essential. As a result, completing many fake examinations will help you improve your performance over time.

It will show you which types of questions are easy for you and which ones are difficult


To better understand your skills and drawbacks, take as many topic- and subject-specific tests as possible. Once you’ve identified your areas of weakness, try to put more effort to mastering those areas. While revising, you should complete 2-4 tests to help you remember concepts.

Every day, if you commit enough time to your preparation, you will see an elevation in your confidence. All previous year’s question papers must be cleared. GATE questions are never repeated, but the concepts are, and no one can stop you from achieving a good result if you learn these concepts. Many topic- and subject-specific examinations are available both online and offline.

Having a decent variety of study materials is especially crucial because students must fully realize each and every subject during the first stage of preparation. It also allows you to ask the educator any questions you may have.


It’s a good idea to start by referring to 1-2 books for each subject. Your college library may also provide you with access to reference books. Although you can locate study materials online, referring to notes from your institution is an excellent way to brush up on the fundamentals of the idea.

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